Money back guaranteeThe details of the money back guarantee given by us

One of the most important aspects of our company is that you can get the complete money back, if you are not satisfied with the services provided by us. We assure you that if you visit with us, you can get all the advantages that include professional guide in your language, as you can get the guides in almost all the national languages of popular countries.

We always offer quite comfortable transportation facilities with the help of your conditioned deluxe vehicles, and that too with completely free entry fee for all the places to visit within a tour. You can also get a guidebook of the tour if you go with us. But there are some conditions, under which you can get 100% money back, and the details are given here.

The 1st condition

If you travel with any tour, you can get all the facilities, and you can get money back if you are not satisfied with the guide provided by us. If you find that the guide is not helping in a proper way, and is not offering you all the facilities that were promised by us, you deserve the money back guarantee, after application. You can also get money back, if you face any kind of trouble by visiting with us, by any kind of vehicle. If there is any problem with the vehicle, for which, you had to wait a lot, or made you face a lot of problems, you can request for a money back.

The 2nd condition

People are quite photo freak nowadays. If our guide do not give you enough time to capture the photographs of the places you visit, and also group photos, you can lodge a complaint, for which you can get 100% money back. We can better look at the problems, if you have proper evidences, and witness of other visitors, who faced the same problem.