Money Back GuaranteeAs you are checking out our website, you may be wondering why should you avail our services. Well, we at offer the perfect blend of experience with affordable rate, and on top of that, we provide attractive tour packages with awesome services for our clients.  Here are a few of the reasons, why you should choose us, instead of other tour service providers, available in the country or worldwide.

Experience mixed with attractive tour package

We at PremiumTravel have a hugely experienced team of guide waiting for you, who know the different parts of the city like no one else, and thus, they can help you with all the services, which you want. Our team has been in the profession of organizing tools for the last 15 years, and thus, they know a lot about the city, which will definitely be helpful for you.

We at PremiumTravel not only organize tours in Istanbul, but we also organize tours, to other places in the country, or worldwide. Thus, you will not have to go from one company to another company for visiting different places, around the world, or within the country. Such a service will not be provided to you, and even if we provided, they will not be the same like that offer it. You can consider us to be the Jack-of-all-trades and the master of all.

Other facilities that you cant afford to miss out

We are a tour organization, but that doesn’t mean, you can get other facilities from our company. If you want to visit any part of the world, and you are facing a lot of troubles getting air tickets, or you are facing troubles while booking hotels, as you cannot get rooms, you can consider us to be the last resort. We can provide you with all the helpful tips, and we can also help you organize hotels and air tickets, such that you do not have to worry about the visit and coming back.

From time to time, we at Premium Travel organize different kind of tour packages, for different ages, and even for families. If you are newly married, and you want a customized tour package, with your loved one, we can provide you with all the assistance, such that you do not face any kind of problems while you are out. If you want to visit any place with her complete family, we can customize it for you, such that you do not understand the interference of other unknown people in your group. We can provide all such services only for you.

100% money back

Yes you heard it right, we offer 100% money back guarantee for our customers! If you are not satisfied with your tour, or you are not satisfied with a particular service, we guarantee hundred percent money back offer for you, and that too with compensation, if you have really faced some problems in your tour. Such a service will not be provided to you by any of the organizations worldwide.