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    Health Tour in Izmir/Turkey

    Knowing that new mothers need some attention too, we offer you this totally unique service that will give you the chance to spend several days of total relaxation and regeneration in one of the most beautiful places possible. Giving birth is truly a miracle and we all cherish our mothers, but we know that new mothers need and deserve some time to recover and feel refreshed after this hard but beautiful moment. This is the perfect gift for new mothers, giving them 3 days of treatments and pampering in one of the most amazing settings. It is an unforgettable experience and they will surely cherish every moment of it. These totally revolutionary and efficient treatments were professionally selected to treat and cure every aspect of your body and mind, cleansing and regenerating your energy.

    Spirulina Seaweed Wrap TreatmentsDAY 1 – The Sea Salt Body Scrub & The Laminaria Seaweed Wrap treatment

    The Sea Salt Body Scrub treatment will invigorate you and give that energy boost that you most definitely need. The natural salt will perfectly polish your skin, leaving it free and pure, exfoliating any impurities and dead cells. The body scrub will give you a beautiful and soft polished skin that will shine and impress.

    The Laminaria Seaweed Wrap treatment is meant to activate your circulation and increase the metabolism, relieving any ache or pain. This will help to tighten and tone the body skin, improving the smoothness and overall look of the skin, while firming your body and giving a general state of wellbeing.

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    DAY 2 – The Balneotherapy Bath & the Reflexology treatment

    The Balneotherapy Bath is meant to spoil you by soothing and relaxing in a hot bath, all while also adding essential oils that will add the power of aromatherapy to create the perfect atmosphere. The water has extremely high curative mineral properties and while bathing, your skin, and body absorb these minerals in order to make you feel and look better.

    Next, we offer you the Reflexology treatment, a particularly recharging cure that is based on the ancient Chinese meridian theory of “energy pathways”. Through gentle stimulation of several focal points in the feet, you achieve an overall energizing effect on the whole body. Believing that certain areas in the feet are related to the organs and systems of the body, this treatment is also meant to cure or prevent illness or disease.

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    DAY 3 – The Aromatherapy Massage & The Express Aromatic Facial

    The Aromatherapy Massage treatment combines the power of essential oils with the best massage techniques in the world, to give you that perfect feeling of calm and relaxation while clearing your mind and energizing your body.

    The Express Aromatic Facial is a powerful express treatment that will immediately refresh and hydrate your skin. This amazing cure will make your skin shine again, toning and regenerating.

    All these treatments received for three days will change your perspective and prepare you for a new stage of your life, that of a new mother. You will receive this amazing regeneration cure in one of the best accommodations possible. The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Cesme is the perfect getaway for these regeneration cure treatments. This five stars hotel on the Aegean Coast will perfectly complement the exclusive treatments received and will impress your loved one. The hotel features contemporary style and sophisticated décor in its 312 rooms and suites. The luxurious accommodation has everything you could dream of, from modern amenities, outdoor swimming pools, magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, balconies with garden views, fine restaurant dining and many other. The luxurious and comfortable rooms offer everything you might need, including free high-speed wireless Internet, LCD television with satellite, individual climate control, colored light control and many other amenities. All these are offered in the beautiful setting of Cesme, with quick and easy access to beaches and the blue Aegean Sea.

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