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    Tour Name: Troy Day Tour From Istanbul

    Tour Price: 84 Euro

    Departure: Everyday

    One of the most legendary sites in the ancient world will be presented to you on this exclusive tour. Turkey is a place of myths and legends, of heroes and gods, of magnificent wonders and constant amazement. There are few places on Earth that have seen and been through so many things as the territory of today’s Turkey. Along the years, civilizations and religions have come and go, some leaving a strong imprint on the cultural heritage of the country. A place depicted in countless books and movies, where one of the most famous wars took place and ended, Troy has been a symbol of the ancient world forever. You will have the unique chance to step amongst the walls of the Troy ancient city and wander amongst the treasures and ruins that remind of the legends. We strongly suggest you join Troy tour from Istanbul. This tour is the best price guaranteed on the market.

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    Be aware for the tour that you will be the best in tour life. With the Troy tours from Istanbul you can see the replica of the trojan horse.

    Troy Tour From Istanbul Itinerary

    You will be picked up from your hotel in Istanbul in the morning for this wonderful day trip, and drive for about 6 hours in an air-conditioned minibus to the ancient city of Troy. The city of Troy gained worldwide fame from the book Iliad, written by Homer in about 800 BCE. This was and still is one of the most important ancient cities in the world and its legends attracted many scientists and archaeologists, as well as adventurers and treasure hunters. Discovered over 100 years ago, the ruins of the ancient city now attract visitors from around the world, if merely for the legend Troy. During our tour of this ancient site, we will visit the most important sights and structures discovered here, learning more about history and myths on the way.

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    You can enjoy with your friends on the Troy Tour. We suggest yo to join our Troia tours with best price and customer satisfaction guarantee.

    Sights That You Will Visit on the Troy Trip

    There are some important places that will visit and experience in full. You will have the unique chance to climb inside a replica of the famous wooden horse used in the Trojan Horse and transformed into a universal symbol and common knowledge. You will visit the excavation information center and gain valuable and inciting insights on this magnificent sight. The excavations at Troy are still underway and who knows what other marvels will come to light in the following years. One of the most impressive sights is formed by the fortification walls of Troy VI, with its tower and gateway entrance, a testament to the power awesomeness of the ancient city.

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    Temple of Athena

    The Temple of Athena used to be the focal point of a magnificent annual festival in honor of the goddess Athena and we will visit the remains of this famous temple, located in the upper parts of the city. We will also pass through Schliemann’s Trench, the German archaeologist that discovered the ancient city. Wondering through the various remains of the cities that were built on this location, from Troy I to Troy IX, the trip will also show you other important and interesting structures along the way, like the entrance ramp to Troy II, the Odeon – concert hall, the Sanctuary – one of the most important religious centres of its time, as well as the current excavations at the site. This way, you will have an overall image on the true size and look of one of the most famous ancient cities in the world.

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    Trojan War

    In this exciting Troy tour of discovery, you will also have the chance to find out more about the historical truth behind the legends and myths of Troy and the Trojan War. You will discover who really Helen of Troy was and if she was the real reason behind the war if the wooden horse really existed or it is just a beautiful story created by Homer if the battle between Achilles and Paris really happened and much more. Also, you will learn about the different buildings inside the city and their functions over the years: the sacrificial altars, the houses of Troy I, the Odeon – concert hall, the Bouleuterion – Senate building, the city walls. You will also find out more about where the current excavations are heading and what other marvels are expected to surface?

    Here you can see the amazing Troy Ancient City Map.

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