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While storming the rest of Turkish Mediterranean, tourists have overlooked Taşucu, mercifully leaving it free of Benettons, leather dealers, and resort hotels. Though Taşucu is neither a cosmopolitan center nor the seat of glorious ancient civilizations, this small, friendly town is worth visiting for free beaches with pleas¬ant boardwalks and the best transportation to Northern Cyprus.

You can make a trip to Gallipoli from Canakkale or Eceabat.
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Gallipoli Tour From Canakkale and Eceabat

Gallipoli, Canakkale, Turkey
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If you want to make a trip to Gallipoli and staying in Canakkale, you can book a Gallipoli tour from Canakkale and Eceabat with...

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You can take amazing photos wile you are enjoying your friends. It is possible when you book a blue cruise tour.
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Turkey Blue Cruise Tours – Fethiye to Olympos

Fethiye, Olympos, Turkey
  • Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights
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You can join our amazing blue cruise from Fethiye to Olympos tours. For sure, this cruise tour will be the best days in your...

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You can see these people who goes from the Mevlana's road. They are locked oneself into Mevlana.
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Konya Day Tour From Istanbul

Konya, Turkey
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Konya is one of the most important Islamic places in Turkey. If you give importance to history we strongly suggest that join Konya tour....

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You are going to see Maidens Tower by joining our Bosphorus Lunch Cruise tours.
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Morning Bosphorus Cruise Tour

Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Duration: 4 hours
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Voyage on Cruise begins around 8:30 am and finishes at 12:30 pm. We work each day to make your vacation a memorable one. We...

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From the otogar, buses head to: Adana (3hr., 9 per day 7:30am-llpm, $5); Alanya (6hr., 8 per day 10am-lam, $8); Anamur ($3hr., 8 per day 10am-1am, $5); Ankara (8hr., 5 per day 9:30am-1:30pm, $12); Antakya (6hr.; 8:30am, 1:30, 7:30pm; $8); Antalya (8hr., 8 per day 10am-lam, $10); İstanbul (15hr.; 4, 9:30pm; $20); Konya (4hr., 5 per day 9:30am-1.30pm, $7.20); Mersin (2hr., 9 per day 7:30am-11pm, $3); Side (7hr., 8 per day 10am-lam, $9.60). Dolmuş run to Silifke (20min., every 15min., $.40). The PTT, across from the dock, and several ferry boat offices sell tickets for the seabus and feny to Glrne (Kyrenia), Northern Cyprus. Fergün Denizcilik Şti. Ltd. (741 23 23 or 741 37 11) owns the largest, fastest, and most reliable fleet. The sea bus has daily departures (216-5hr. depending on weather; I am; one-way $20, round-trip $38; $1 student discount). Arrive in the morning to make sure your chosen vessel will sail, and then secure a ticket. The ferry leaves daily at midnight (6hr.; one-way $15, round-trip $28; $1 student discount).


 Most of the town occupies a narrow strip between the highway and the sea. Lined with banks and restaurants, the 200m-long strip links the harbor and ferry’ docks at the western end of (own to the otogar at the opposite end. Sahil Cad. runs east of the otogar (perpendicular to the highway), past inviting beaches on the right and affordable accommodations on the left. Farther east, the beaches get better and more crowded.

Türkiye İş Bankası, near the harbor, has a Cirrus/MC/Plus/V ATM. In a medical emergency, call the Sağlık Ocağı ( 741 44 88). The two-story building complex down the road from the FTP houses two internet cafes, both of which charge about $1 per hr. and are open 10am-midnight. The PTT is open daily 8am-11pm. No exchange services are available on weekends.


Sahil Cad., running east along the sea, has many sunny, similarly priced seaside pensions. Meltem Pansiyon O, 75 Sahil Cad., all the way down Sahil Cad., is among the best. Its 17 immaculate rooms vary in design. Some have A/C, 12 have private kitchenettes, and all have insect screens for the windows—a much-needed amenity in this part of Turkey. (741 43 91. Breakfast $1.60. Singles $8, with A/C $13; doubles $11.30; triples $21.) Closer to the otogar on Sahil Cad., the brand-new, German-run Dilara Pansiyon O offers seven rooms with bath. (741 52 74. Breakfast included. Singles $6.40; doubles $13.) Near the otogar and the sign for Mersin, Tuğran Pansiyon , 3 Sahil Cad., offers 16 rooms (six with A/C) with balconies and showers. (741 44 93; fax 741 26 92. Breakfast $2. Singles $13; doubles $20.) Taşucu’s seafood is fresh and affordable. Small joints serving decent, cheap seafood are easy to find. For finer dining, tiy the Denizkızı Restoran, overlooking the harbor right across from the dock.