Accommodations in Turkey

Accommodations in Turkey



Hostels are generally dorm-style accommodations, often in large single-sex rooms with bunk beds. Most in Turkey, however, are known for them welcoming atmosphere and offer private rooms for families and couples. They sometimes have kitchens and utensils, bike or moped rentals, storage areas, and laundry facilities. Hostels in Turkey generally do not have daytime “lock-out” hours or curfew. A bed in a hostel averages around $5-8.

There are very few accredited International Youth Hostels in Turkey, and if you ask for a hostel (yurt), you will most likely be directed to university dormitories. The web page for the umbrella organization Hostelling International may be of some use while researching hosteling in Turkey. Also visit our website.


Clean, cheap hotels (otel) and pensions (pansiyon) are available nearly everywhere in Turkey. Basic rooms generally cost $6-8 for singles and $12-16 for doubles. Some establishments may have dorm-style rooms; some may even allow’ frugal travelers to sleep on their roofs for reduced rates. In most situations, you should have little trouble finding a room; it is still wise, however, to make reservations along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts during the peak season.

Pensions, the most common form of accommodation, provide a cozy alternative in impersonal hotel rooms. Often they arc private homes with rooms available to travelers. Hosts will sometimes go out of their way to be accommodating by giving personalized tours or offering home-cooked meals. On the other hand, many pensions do not provide phones, TVs, or private bathrooms. Pensions that call themselves aile (family-style) try to maintain a wholesome atmosphere, and may be the preferred choice for women traveling alone in remote parts of Turkey, particularly I lie East and the Black Sea coast. In the more touristed areas along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, Turks are accustomed to unmarried male-female couples staying together. Such relations, however, are often culturally unacceptable in rural and conservative regions, including the Black Sea coast and southeastern Turkey. In these parts of Turkey, unmarried couples may have trouble finding a room together without proof of their marital status, such as wedding rings, a certificate, or the same last name on passports. It is generally a good idea to wear rings to help gain admittance. Men may be turned away from pensions if there are no other men staying in tire house.


Many colleges and universities open their residence halls to travelers when school is not in session; some also do so during term-time. These dorms are often close to student areas in large cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. Getting a room usually lakes advanced planning, but rates tend to be low. Let’s Go lists colleges which rent dorms in the Accommodations sections of cities and towns where applicable.

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