Pamukkale - Denizli / 5 Days - Ephesus & Pamukkale & Cappadocia Tours By Plane

The Best Turkey Tour Packages in 2019

9-Days Best of Turkey Tour Be ready to discover the most important 4 regions of Turkey in 9 days. Keep in mind that a day will be a day of pleasure. Your dreams will come true with the 9-Days Exceptional Turkey Tour. You will learn that everything you decide to be part of this tour

Agalimani -Gocek gulf

The Best Blue Cruise Routes in Turkey

The best way to experience Turkey southern-western coast is undoubtedly by sea, for many years boating enthusiasts have been drawn to this region for its uncomparable natural beauty. Today the region has a flourishing tourist infrastructure and gulet cruises depart daily from harbours along the Turquoise Coast. Many Cruises also run between Turkey and Greece,

Studying Abroad

Alternative To Tourism in Turkey

ALTERNATIVES TO TOURISM As fun and exciting as traveling the world (or even just part of it) can be, actually living in a country and working, volunteering, or studying for an extended period of time can often be a more rewarding and complete way to truly appreciate the local culture arid environment. This chapter outlines


Additional Informations About Turkey 3

MINORITY TRAVELERS In Turkey, Caucasians are a minority. While Turks have a well-deserved reputation for hospitality and openness Lo strangers, travelers of African, Asian, or Latin American descent, especially those traveling alone and/or in non-touristy areas, may have an experience different from that of their Caucasian counterparts. Turks often have no qualms about staring at

Kiz Kulesi

Additional Informations About Turkey 4

BISEXUAL, GAY, AND LESBIAN TRAVELERS Although homosexuality is legal in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, religious and social dictates keep most homosexual activity discreet. Homophobia can be a problem, especially in remote areas; expect authorities to be unsympathetic. Gay and lesbian travelers will benefit from the close contact that Turks maintain with same-sex friends. Public displays

Additional Information in Turkey

Additional Informations About Turkey

WOMEN TRAVELERS Foreign women, especially those traveling alone, attract significant attention in Turkey. Catcalls and other forms of verbal harassment are common; physical harassment is rare. Regardless of whatever signals a foreign woman intends to send, her foreignness alone may suggest a liberal openness to friendly or amorous advances. Because Western movies and TV often

Orientation and Street Adresses in Turkey

Orientation and Street Adresses in Turkey

ORIENTATION AND STREET ADDRESSES Since few Turkish cities follow a grid plan, maps can be difficult to use. To avoid confusion, a three-tiered addressing system is used. Mahalle refers to the neighborhood, cadde or bulvar are avenues or boulevards, and a sokak is a street. A slash after the street number, or the word kat,

By Moped and Motorcycle in Turkey

By Moped and Motorcycle in Turkey

BY MOPED AND MOTORCYCLE Motorized bikes offer an enjoyable, relatively inexpensive way to tour coastal areas and countryside, particularly where there axe few cars. They don’t use much gas, can be put on trains and ferries, and arc a good compromise between the high cost of car travel arid the limited range of bicycles. Exercise

Local Transportatin

Local Transportatin in Turkey Chapter 2

DOLMUŞ DOS AND DON’TS To the uninitiated, mastering this quintessentially Turkish mode of transportation can appear daunting. Travelers can avoid a dolmuş faux pas by following these suggestions. Dolmuş flexibility and price is somewhere between those of taxis and buses. They run along set but unpublished routes, usually beginning from a secret hub somewhere in the

Local Transportation

Local Transportatin in Turkey

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION BY AIR Turkish Airlines (Türk Hava Yollan, THY) flies to over 30 cities in Turkey, including Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Erzincan, Erzurum, İstanbul, İzmir, Kars, Kayseri, Malatya, Nevşehir, Samsun, Sivas, Trabzon, and Van. İstanbul and Ankara are the hubs for domestic flights. See individual city listings for schedules and prices. Domestic flights