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Alternative To Tourism in Turkey


As fun and exciting as traveling the world (or even just part of it) can be, actually living in a country and working, volunteering, or studying for an extended period of time can often be a more rewarding and complete way to truly appreciate the local culture arid environment. This chapter outlines some of the different ways to get off the tourist track and really get to know Turkey.


Foreign study programs in Turkey vary tremendously in expense, academic focus and quality, living conditions, degree of contact with local students, and exposure to culture and language. If you plan on staying in Turkey for more than three months, you will have to obtain a student visa, available from the Turkish consulates and embassies listed.

Most American undergraduates enroll in programs sponsored by US universities. Because English is the language of instruction at many Turkish universities, it is also possible to enroll directly as a special student. Doing so might be less expensive than enrolling in an American university program.


Finding  work in Turkey and Cyprus is difficult, as the government tries to restrict employment to citizens. Foreigners who wish to work in Turkey must obtain a work visa, which in turn requires a permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior; conflict a Turkish diplomatic mission for more information. An excellent prospect for working in Turkey is teaching English. Students with university credentials can fare quite well, but having your credentials verified can take some time. Various organizations in the US will place you in a (low-paying) teaching job. University foreign language departments may have connections to job openings abroad. Keeps a comprehensive list of schools abroad and agencies that arrange placement for Americans to teach abroad.

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