Ephesus Tour From Kusadasi and Selcuk


You will be able to join from Selcuk and Kusadasi to our Ephesus Ancient City Tours. We will transfer you to the Ephesus Ancient City. At the end of the Ephesus Tour, we will transfer you back to the hotels where you stay. You will have a professional tour guide licensed by TURSAB. They will inform you about the sights that you will visit during the Ephesus tour. And also, you will have a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. You can read the itinerary of the Ephesus tour from Kusadasi.


Ephesus Day Tours From Kusadasi and Selcuk

Are you ready to start a dazzling journey into the history places of Ephesus, one of the most visited ancient cities? Ephesus tour from Kusadasi and Selcuk will enable you to discover the pages of Ancient Turkish history while making a visit to an ancient beautiful city in Ephesus.

First, you will be meeting with your guide at the appointed point. You will complete formal processing by signing up the required paper. You will move to Ephesus through Selcuk. During the tour at Ephesus, our first stopover will be the Ephesus Ancient City. The Ephesus visit accompanied by local Ephesus Tour guide will be an unforgettable tour that taking you throughout one of the most amazing excavations in the world. You will able to see The Fountain of Trajan, the Odeon, Terrace houses, the temple of Hadrian, the baths of Scholastic, and magnificent Celsius Library. Celsius Library is decorated with amazing statues. It will worth to see these statues. The Grand Theater, where Saint Paul addressed, is an enormous theater with a capacity of sitting of 24,000 people together.

Ephesus Visiting Sights

Ephesus Ancient City, House of Virgin Mary and Isabey Mosque | Harbor Street, Theater, Commercial Agora, Library of Celsus, Gate of Mazeus and Mithridates, Marble Street, Brothel, Hillside Houses, Public Toilets, Latrina, Scholastica Baths, The Mosaic – Paved Sidewalk, Entrance Scholastica Baths, Hadrian’s Temple, Trajan’s Fountain, Curetes Street, Hercules Gate, Memmius Monument, Temple of Domitian, An Altar, The List of Curetes, Freshwater Pipes, The Fountain of Pollio, Prytaneon, Odeon, Isis Temple, Stage Agora, Bahs of Varius.

Pickup and Dropoff Service
Professional Tour Guide licensed by TURSAB
All Entrance Fees
Transportation Service by non-smoking and air-conditioned touristic vehicles

Drinks at Lunch

Please present yourself at the hotels before 15 minutes ago.
There is a 30% discount for children between 2-7 ages. And between 0-2 ages are free to join.

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Epesus Tour

When you join our Ephesus tour from Kusadasi and Selcuk, you will able to see these important and historical sights in Ephesus Ancient City.

Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus is known as the most magnificent Roman city in the Mediterranean area and regarded as one of Turkey’s topmost tourist sights. If you desire to visit a place where you can truly get a feeling of a life which is existed more than 2000 years ago and feel the glory of ancient Greece and Rome. Ephesus Tour will be a worthy one.

Besides the magnificence of this Roman art, culture, and heritage, you will get the opportunity of visiting the House of Virgin Mary where have spent the last years of her life.

Seven Sleepers is one of the great tourist attraction of the city which is immensely popular with both Christians and Muslims. According to the saying of a Christian legend, It was around 250 AD, when Christians were being fiercely persecuted by the ruler of the city. But seven young men were refused to reject their faith and offered their goods to the poor and went to a mountain cave to pray where they ultimately fall asleep. The emperor of that time had the cave walled for them so that he doesn’t escape and let them die inside. Therefore, 200 years later when the cave was reopened, they were found in the cave sleeping. Then they got up from sleep and came out of the streets of Ephesus and marched on so that they can do the worship of Christ without any fear and interruption.

The holy ‘Cave of the Seven Sleepers’ was a supreme place of pilgrimage from the 5th to 15th centuries. Muslims had believed that the sleepers had slept over 309 years in their cave. A beautiful church has been constructed above this Cavern by the Christians. They were also buried in the same cave where you will able to see their tombs.

The next stop on the trip will be the Temple of Artemis. It was built in respect of the Greek Goddess of hunting, wild nature and fertility called Artemis. The temple is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. It was also called the largest marble temple in the ancient Greek world. The temple was used as both a marketplace and religious institution. The Ephesus Tour guide will narrate its significance lied between the Romans and Christians. After visiting the Temple, Ephesus Day Tour will be ended. You will be taken back to the hotel.


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