Konya Day Tour From Istanbul


Konya is one of the most important Islamic places in Turkey. If you give importance to history we strongly suggest that join Konya tour. Also, you will see Mevlana’s life, for sure you will enjoy this tour.


Our Konya daily tour from Istanbul is at your service every day of the week. You can buy your ticket to Konya or you can contact us so we can arrange your flight. After your arrive at Konya, our specialized personnel will meet you at the airport you. With their smiling face, our experienced guides will help you with any issue, to turn your Konya day tour into a memorable souvenir of your holiday in Turkey.   After our staff picked you up from the airport, you will be brought to the place that our Konya Daily Tour from Istanbul starts. After your tour finish, you will be dropped off to Konya airport for your flight to Istanbul. You will be greeted by one of our staff to take you to your hotel. After you are dropped off at your hotel your Konya day tour will end.

The Places You Will Visit During Your Konya Day Tour

On the way of Konya daily tour starting from Istanbul,  you will see many historically and culturally important buildings and symbols in this historical city. Konya is very rich in terms of historical Islamic samples. The most famous historical figures are Tavus Baba Tomb, Ince Minare and Karatay Madrasas, Selimiye Mosque and Alaaddin Mosque. In addition this you will visit Mevlana Museum. Mevlana is one of the most well-known humanists of its time, so he has an importance place in terms of humanity.  During this fantastic tour, which is door to door tour also, you will see many places that we cannot fit in here, by writing.


Our Destinations

Mevlana Museum

It is the mausoleum of Mevlana, who is famous for his humanistic ideas. He is a dervish of Mesnevi lodge and is better known as the father of Whirling dervishes.The philosophy of Mevlana is “come, whoever you are, come”, which is an invitation that hugs all people in the World, without any discrimination. By visiting the mausoleum of this symbolic figure, you will see all visitable sections of this mausoleum such as Matbah, tombs, Tilavet Chamber, Ritual Hall and along with this, you will set out on a journey into Islamic mysticism.


Karatay Madrasa

It is a partially religious school which is built by the commander of the City, Celaleddin Karatay, around 1251, in the period of Seljuks. Karatay Madrasa is known as one of the most prominent education centers in Islamic World during Ottoman Empire. In 1920 it was abolished by a law, enacted by Atatürk, the leader of Turkish Republic.


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