Cappadocia Tour From Istanbul by Bus – 1 Day Cappadocia Trip


This Cappadocia tour from Istanbul is available for every day. If you love to travel by bus, we strongly suggest you book this Cappadocia tour. There are two options for this Cappadocia tour. First is Cappadocia red tour which makes a trip to the north side of Cappadocia. And the second is Cappadocia green tour which makes a trip to the south side of Cappadocia.

We will pick you up from your hotels in Istanbul (please inform us where you stay, this tour is also available for all cities of Turkey), and drop you off to your hotels when the tour ends.


Cappadocia Day Tour

There are many wonders in Turkey that impress most of the tourist that come to Turkey but Cappadocia is far beyond anywhere. With its charming history and incomparable natural beauty, which looks as if no one stepped on before, Cappadocia always offers you more than what you have expected from a touristic tour. Here are our “ Cappadocia Day Trip From Istanbul By Bus “ tour package details.

Short Itinerary of the Cappadocia Tour

To make you save more time, we use overnight bus transportation programs, it means you will be transported to Cappadocia by bus at night and you will be taken to your hotel by the same process at the end of the tour.

First Day of Cappadocia Tour

Day 1: Depart by Overnight bus | Istanbul to Cappadocia

Meal: No Meal
20:30 pm Depart from Istanbul by overnight bus to Cappadocia.
The duration of the journey is about 11 hours.
20:30 pm to 01:00 am Arrival to Duzce.
01:00 am 01:30 am I. Stopover.
01:30 am to 05:00 am Drive to Kochisar.
05:00 am to 05:30 am II. Stopover.
05:30 am 08:00 am drive to Cappadocia.

Second Day of Cappadocia Tour

Day 2: Arrival In Cappadocia & Day Tour In Cappadocia

Meal: Lunch
08:00 am – Arrival in Cappadocia and Transfer to our office.

When you arrive in the Cappadocia Bus Station, you will be picked up from Goreme and you will be transferred to our office in Cappadocia. You can get rest to the tour start. You will be transferred to the meeting point in Cappadocia.

09:30 am to 16:30 pm – You will start to make your amazing Cappadocia trip. You have two option. One of them is NORTH CAPPADOCIA TOUR and the other one is SOUTH CAPPADOCIA TOUR. Please inform us about the tour that you want to join. (You can read pieces of information about these Cappadocia tours.)

Transfer to Cappadocia Bus Station.
19:00 pm Transfer to bus station to Nevsehir
20:00 pm Depart from the bus station to Nevsehir, Cappadocia.
The duration of the journey is about 11 hours.
20:30 pm. to 01:00 am Arrival to Kochisar.
01:00 am 01:30 am I. Stopover.
01:30 am to 05:00 Drive to Duzce.
05:00 am to 05:30 am II. Stopover
05:30 am 08:00 am drive to Istanbul.
08:00 am Arrival in Istanbul. Transfer to the hotels where you stay in Istanbul.

Bus Tickets
Entrance Fees
Tour Guide
Cappadocia Tours

Personal Expenses
Drinks at Lunch

If your next destination is not Istanbul after Cappadocia, please inform us.
Please stay in front of your hotels 15 minutes before the pick up time.


North of Cappadocia Tour ( Red Tour): Devrent Valley, Pasabag, Avanos, Fairy Chimneys, Red River, Goreme Open Air Museum.
South of Cappadocia Tour ( Green Tour ): Gulludere Valley, Cavusin Village, Kaymakli Underground City, Pidgeon Valley.

NORTH Cappadocia Tour (Red Tour)

With the Cappadocia red tour, you are going to amke an amazing trip to the north side of Cappadocia. Cappadocia red tour from Istanbul is available for everyday. Join this tour with the best price and service guarantee.

People visiting the south side of Cappadocia

In the first day of your Cappadocia day tour, after you arrived in Cappadocia Bus Station in Goreme, you will be welcomed by our friendly and you will be driven to our office to have rest for a while to get more energy before taking the road. Then you will be transferred to the meeting point, where you meet up with your guide and other people that participated in this tour. From there, you will begin your day journey with the following sightseeing:

First of all, you will start your Cappadocia day tour with a visit to the impressive Dervent Valley. Devrent is located in the northern part of Aktepe, 1km from Pasabag (Monks’ Valley) and 5 km away from Avanos. Then, you will be taken to Pasabag “fairy chimneys”, a charming and worthwhile location where you can taste the mystic of Fairy Chimneys. Pasabag is also well known to the locals as the monk city. You will enjoy the beautiful Devrent Valley and Pasabağ at the same time both sites allow you to see the magnificent examples of the mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles as well as ‘fairy chimneys’. Later we will break at Avanos center of terracotta art and proceed to the small beautiful village of Avanos situated by the bank of Red River (Kızılırmak in Turkish). Avanos is considered as the center of terra cotta work of art since 3000 BC and vastly famous for clay pottery design. It is a town where you will be warmly welcomed to visit a traditional pottery workshop, which is probably set deep into the hillsides. The mesmerizing ceramics were dated back to the 3000 BC in the location and stayed alive from Generation to generations. Alternately, the visit to ceramic & tile center permit you to see how the ceramics made by hand. Then, we will have lunch to go on our journey of Cappadocia Day Trip From Istanbul.

After the lunch, we will move towards to the most eminent highlight of Cappadocia – the Goreme Open Air Museum. The museum is featured with the most impressive rock-carved churches and the most striking Byzantine frescoes in all of Cappadocia. It was an important Christian center in the early years of the middle ages. The museum was administered by Mokissos near Aksaray in the 11th and 13th centuries. In spite of being the vast number of monasteries, churches, and chapels in the neighborhood of Goreme, you will find many inscriptions bearing no dates. That’s why; these religious buildings are essentially dated in accordance with the iconography or architectural features.

By visiting the famous Goreme Open Air Museum, you will able to explore the prehistoric architectural beauty and to observe the best examples of icons in Cappadocia. Those soft rocks of Cappadocia from the clefts were used and carved out to form such as stables, churches, monasteries. Finally, you will be taken to Uchisar Village. Uchisar Village gives you the opportunity of exploring the panoramic view of volcanic valleys while you are on the top of Rock Castle’s Hills, which is known as Uchisar Castle as well. You can visit the carpet weaving co-operation if you have time. There you will able to see how the Turkish carpet made by hand. At the end of Cappadocia day trip from Istanbul, you will be transferred back to Istanbul by your luxury overnight bus, with the pleasure of feeling perfect!

SOUTH Cappadocia Tour (Green Tour)

A view from the Cappadocia green tour

Cappadocia south tour (green tour) can be the best option for visiting the green side of the Cappadocia region. If you are visiting Cappadocia for the first time, we suggest you join the green tour of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia South tour will start with the pickup from our office in Cappadocia. Our professional tour guide will bring you to the meeting point where the other your participants wait. You will be transferred to the luxury and non-smoking touristic vehicles. Our tour guide will give you information about the Cappadocia tour what you will visit in this day.

Green Cappadocia tour will start with the visiting the Gulludere Valley. You will see the amazing rock-cut churches and hike 5km through the Gulludere Valley. Then we will depart for the Cavusin Village. You will love to visit in Cavusin Village. It was already abandoned several about 11-th-century. Then we will have a lunch. After the lunch, we will drive to the Pigeon Valley for the incredible panoramic views. You will able to see whole the Cappadocia in there. You can take amazing photos when you are visiting the Pigeon Valley. We will go to Kaymakli Underground City that used as a sanctuary before. Local people of Hittites and Byzantine used this Underground City for saving themselves from wars and the bad weather conditions. You can still see the stables, living room, kitchen and more.

When the Cappadocia green tour ends, you will be transferred back to our office in Cappadocia.

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