Cappadocia/Three Beauties

Three Beauties in Cappadocia

If it is mentioned Cappadocia everybody remembers Fairy chimneys. One of my friends came back from Cappadocia tour said that I was thinking that there are fairy chimneys whole Cappadocia.

As general although the fairy chimneys are located disorganizedly in Cappadocia, the number of capped fairy chimneys is not many as it is supposed. So it can be possible to see all separated by a convenient tour plan or a privileged guide.

Three beauties

Three beauties fairy chimneys

The three beauties fairy chimneys which are the symbols of Cappadocia are no doubt taken a photo most. It is possible you can see it on a lot of magazines, hotel introductions, postcards.

I can say this as one saw whole Cappadocia you can see a very nice view in a place you do not think and guess.  This view can create different views via combining wonderful colors.

At the same time, we can see a similar fairy chimney in Uchisar (huge and with square capped). As general 3 (evet 4) capped fairy chimneys are exhibited on the three beauties. So it is obvious the different fairy chimneys appear at different points. For instance, a small fairy chimney in Cavusin can look like a miniature fairy chimney against the three beauties. You can make a trip to the Three Beauties in Cappadocia with our Cappadocia tour from Istanbul packages.

Three Beauties

Three Beauties

Where the three beauties in?

If you come to Cappadocia by tour your bus absolutely stops to see the three beauties. If you come by your own car, the three beauties must be on your left at the beginning of Nevsehir Urgup motorway.

In my last visitation (about 3 years ago) there was a camel across the three beauties. It is possible riding the camel. Also, you can ride the camel in Pasabagi. I visited Pasabagi last week and saw that there was a more beautiful camel. It was not the same camel. I wanted to ask that another camel died? But I did not.

At the same time, the three beauties have a serious importance for the introduction of Cappadocia and Nevsehir. Although we see fairy chimneys at the different points, I think it is impossible to find in nowhere such characteristic three fairy chimneys.

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Three Beauties/Cappadocia

Three Beauties/Cappadocia

Information about Urgup Three Beauties

If you type three beauties on the internet you will see a mythologic story. In this story, it is mentioned a competition arranged to choose three most beautiful goddesses. I do not know the three beauties in Urgup are related to this story. But we can consider as the main hero of an exclusive tour route.

If you wonder  In where else is a fairy chimney similar this, it is possible to see a fairy chimney in general Cappadocia. But the capped fairy chimney in Pasabagi had drawn my attention most. Besides, I must say that a fairy chimney like a camel in Devrent Valley is adorable for visitors.

Urgup, Cappadocia, and Nevsehir are really tale land.  It is a travel point by nice fairy chimneys, the churches, the settlements in the cave.

The most important activity does not leave without doing it is mountain hiking.  You can get rid of tiring effects of the day and reach a different point easily by the hitchhiking doing in the season. The hitch hiking also provides you an exclusive and privileged holiday option. But if you prefer the sea, sand and sunny it is possible to say Cappadocia and Nevsehir have limited possibilities for you. That is why we advise that search well the locations you will go before you visit.

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