Did you hear how famous Ihlara Valley is? We tell you that, Cappadocia is on the UNESCO's world's herigates list. So it is so famous for travelers.

Ihlara Valley in Cappadocia

As I said before Ihlara Valley has no many visitors like Soganli Ruin. Statistical information shows that the valley could not have the number of tourists as it deserved. The wonderful valley still needs to host more tourist even the number of visitors increased recently.

When said Cappadocia it comes to mind first an area between Hasan mountain and Erciyes mountain. Nevsehir, Urgup, Avanos, Goreme, Zelve are close to Erciyes Mountain and Ihlara Valley, High Church, and Manastir Valley are close to Hasan Mountain. Ihlara valley is deeper structure relatively the valleys in Nevsehir. This valley between the Nevsehir-Aksaray cause that new visitors ask which city Ihlara Valley in ? We answer Ihlara Valley is in Aksaray border.  The distance of Valley from Aksaray 40 km, from  Nevsehir 100 km.

ihlara-valley-cappadocia-nevsehir-turkey-11IHLARA CANYON OR IHLARA VALLEY?

This valley seems a canyon if we look from above. The valley rises to prominence after thousand of years. We can say that several kilometers of the valley is open for tourism despite the valley length is over 14 km.

Tens of church in the valley is connected each other like the underground cities. The valley which used centre of population between 6-13 century had hard days due to epidemics.

We can see it clearer than mummies from the churches in Ihlara Valley. Some mummies are exhibited in Aksaray Museum. In addition to all this, you can see nuns were affected variola and small child mummies in Aksaray Museum.

Ihlara Valley / Cappadocia / Nevsehir / Turkey

Ihlara Valley / Cappadocia / Nevsehir / Turkey


As we were walking toward down firstly we saw Ihlara Valley map. It is useful to look at this map. Because to choose the place to be visited properly on the map is very important in terms of waste of time.


We want to say that a lot of different hotels serve with its mansions for you. You can stay in these mansions in the evening already you saw the same mansion style in Nevsehir. Do not forget that you have to book early.

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