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Nevsehir Underground City

It is known as Nevsehir and its districts are the most city with regard to the underground cities. This situation is explained with its historical wealthiness and soil structure. Apart from Nevsehir Underground City, there are a lot of large and small underground cities in almost all districts of Nevsehir.

The most famous underground cities here no doubt are Derinkuyu Underground City and Kaymakli Underground City. Apart from these, the underground cities have been found in town and even village that has no tourism activity. For instance Ozkonak Underground City and Mazi underground city.

Only the underground cities can be enough to draw the tourist in a city, the fairy chimneys, churches and caves located in Nevsehir are a very significant factor for this city.

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Cappadocia Tour From Kayseri and Nevsehir AirportsWHERE IS NEVSEHIR UNDERGROUND CITY IN?

When it is thought the Nevsehir’s oldest neighborhoods we can say Beddik neighborhood, Heikki neighborhood, Turkmen neighborhood, İbrahimpasa neighborhood and Dere neighborhood. The people from Nevsehir settled down in Meteris Square. The square known as the center of Nevsehir and Beddik neighborhood has a walking distance for 15-20 minutes.

Beddik neighborhood (Castle neighborhood) became a center of population for people in Nevsehir. The natives of Nevsehir settled and lived a long time here. Although the Nevsehir Castle drew the attentions as a small construction it is unfortunately impossible to get a clear information about the castle. But it is accepted as in the past it is used as a police station to maintain the safety of the society.
Locating on this hill and seeing whole Nevsehir are in its positive features of the castle because of the castle has a whole Nevsehir view. Although there are a lot of comments about the history of the castle it is not possible to find a clear information regarding the Nevsehir Underground City and Nevsehir castle. Because the epitaph of the castle could not reach these days. The castle was repaired several times in the Ottoman Emperor period and the last repair was done in the Damat İbrahim Pasha period.

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The castle neighborhood became a serious slim in time because of the native families moved mostly to down areas. The rumors spoke of the community that the combining all castles under Nevsehir and all castles(Nevsehir Castle, Uchisar Castle, Ortahisar Castle, Urgup Castle is known as Temenni) have connections with underground cities reached these days.


Nevsehir came into prominence by its tourism values is continuing progress quickly by the investments. In this respect, it is obvious that unplanned urbanization around the castle defaces most the skyline of Nevsehir. Nevsehir Municipality who works for this problem provided the evacuation people live in shanties by collaborating with TOKI. The municipality started to work to build new constructions instead of shanties but after the largest underground city in the world was found the works were ended by the municipality.


When we look at the history of this underground city, although it is not possible to tell something clear, it is estimated that the underground city is almost as old as other underground cities in Cappadocia. In the other words, it is estimated the city is 5000 years old

After restoration and cleaning, this underground city will be featured an opening for tourism. From this point of view, we thank everyone who works for the underground city.

For instance; it is brought as a new value for history with its aqueducts, the churches, the chapels, hundreds of different room and passings and also huge stone pieces(also known as Millstone) to close the door against danger. İts dimension is over 7 km.

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