Aksaray Museum

Aksaray Museum – Cappadocia

Aksaray Museum is in a location which has pretty valuable things found around Cappadocia. The museum is in service in Zinciriye Medresa established by Karamans Seigniory. The museum was established in 1969. From that day to this the museum services by its artifacts.


Museums are in locations which have different points of the past. Visiting them especially for the children provides taking a lesson from the past. Likewise learning the old people living, differentness in their life and the things changing from those days to these can broaden one’s horizon. This situation is not for only the museums.At the same time, the visiting the museums become meaningful by the suitable ruins.  You can also get information easily about Aksaray and the museums by visiting these locations.

Aksaray Archaeological Museum

Aksaray Archaeological Museum


There are artifacts which were brought after archaeological excavations in Aksaray. There are over 2000 artifacts in the museum on different points.

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A lot of historical artifacts has been brought the museum after the archaeological excavation done in especially Aşikli Hoyuk area. Arrowhead and axes draw attention most.At the same time, Aksaray Museum drew attentions by the mummies and other historical features.

Besides there are artifacts belong Seljuq Period in the museum. The museum is a unique location by means of the artifacts belong Seljuq Period. There are pretty significant points in the ethnographic artifacts part when you look at the structure of the museum. It can be found easily various clothing options, as well as clothes, belong different periods and different options which used in daily life.

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Also, you can get information about artifacts by virtual visiting option before visiting the museum. I advise the virtual visiting because of the virtual visiting results in high-quality conclusions. The most important feature of Aksaray Museum which other museums do not have is having various currencies belong antiquity.

It must not be forgotten that the children have to visit the museums to get more knowledge about the history. This can provide them to get clearer information about future. From this point of view, it is very important to visit the museum and ruins in Aksaray and Cappadocia beside different options.

It is possible to find if you search Aksaray Museum in Wikipedia you can find different options can be found as you visit. It is possible to find especially Ancient Rome and Hellenistic coins as well as Seljuq and Ottoman Emperor period coins.

Aksaray Museum Contact

In the museum which can be visited virtually, we remind that especially considering the mummies option which protected their originality until today. That is why we advise visiting the museum located in Konya Street Hacilar Harman Neighborhood 5. Avenue. The visiting hours of the museum every day in the hour of work except Monday.

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