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    Ebru Art - Workshop Tour in Istanbul

    Ebru Art in Istanbul

    If you decide to travel to Istanbul and do not believe that the all-inclusive city tours are worthwhile, discovering the hidden treasures of Istanbul can prove to be quite a magical chapter in your vacation.

    Sometimes it takes more than just visiting the mosques or the museums or the markets to feel the real vibe of a foreign country and particularly, of a different culture. Therefore, finding out about one of the oldest Turkish decorative arts, Ebru or marbling can be just what you need – a challenge for the body and mind.

    Amazing Experience

    Briefly, this means using water mixed with gelatinous preparations placed in a tray and color paints to spray on it and combine with the help of sticks, thus creating a painting. When the sketch is done, a piece of thin cardboard is placed on top and the drawing is transferred onto it; the painting can be left to dry and then used for decoration purposes.

    Keep in mind that this art requires a lot of patience, but you can be sure that nobody will copy your Ebru creation given the matchless blending of colors while on the water. More, engaging in such an activity brings peace of mind and relieves stress.

    Nevertheless, a short description of such a complex and uncommon art cannot equal the experience in itself. For that reason, we invite you to participate in the daily Ebru Workshop together with your family and friends. You will discover the ancient arts of the Ottoman Empire and sink in history while making decorative items (such as paintings, photo frames, invitations, lampshades, bookmarks, and many others) for your house or for your friends back home. The drawings, the shapes, the patterns, the combinations are infinite. Just put your imagination to work and enjoy mixing colors.

    Ebru. Because going to Istanbul and visiting just the Blue Mosque is not enough anymore.

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