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    Tour Name: 14-Days Turkey Holiday Package

    Departure Point: Istanbul

    Price: Please Ask

    Turkey Vacation Package

    Embark on a journey of discovery and delight that will show you the true charm of Turkey, a country of endless diversity and richness. One of the places where humankind began to flourish through the early ages, this space is truly magical and incredible if you take the time to experience it in all its glory. This is one of your best choices if you always were fascinated by the myths and legends about Turkey and its rich treasures, but never had the chance to discover all these things. This is an unforgettable trip that will leave a strong mark on your soul and mind, passing through places of great historical significance, symbols of the ancient world, as well as places of unbelievable beauty, idyllic landscapes, and distant blue getaways.

    This is one of the most entertaining and complete Turkey tour packages you can possibly find, combining an unbelievable diversity of visits and activities, offering you a perfect opportunity both to discover the cultural and natural treasures of the country, while also staying active and also relaxed. A good part of the tour will take you to the sea, in a traditional wooden vessel called a gulet, a charming boat used mainly for tourist charters that look and feels like a pirate ship or something drawn from a 17th-century navigation book. It will take on the blue waters of the Mediterranean, for a unique sailing journey.

    Short Turkey Package Tour Itinerary

    DAY 1 – Arrival to Istanbul
    DAY 2 – Istanbul City Tour
    DAY 3 – Golden Horn & Bosphorus Cruise
    DAY 4 – First Day in Cappadocia
    DAY 5 – Second Day in Cappadocia
    DAY 6 – Free Day in Cappadocia
    DAY 7 – Free Day in Olympos
    DAY 8 – Blue Cruise on Mediterranean
    DAY 9 – Blue Cruise on Mediterranean
    DAY 10 – Blue Cruise on Mediterranean
    DAY 11 – Fethiye and Blue Lagoon
    DAY 12 – Depart to Pamukkale
    DAY 13 – Pamukkale Travertine and Hierapolis Ancient City
    DAY 14 – Ephesus Ancient City and Virgin Mary House
    DAY 15 – End of the Turkey Holiday Package

    cappadocia hot air balloon wallpaperDAY 1 – Arrival to Istanbul

    This fascinating Turkey tour will take through the most famous and the most elusive sights of Turkey for two weeks, show you the true colors of this beautiful country, let you experience and discover almost everything about the magical Turkey and its treasures. Upon your arrival to the beautiful Istanbul, you will be met at the airport by our staff holding a sign with your name. Out courteous staff member will greet you and will load your luggage to our private midi-van, transferring your directly to your hotel in Istanbul.

    You can make a visit to the Hagia Sophia Museum ( Aya Sofya in Turkish). Our professional tour guide will inform you about everything that you will visit inside of the Santa Sophia Museum.DAY 2 – Istanbul City Tour

    The second day of this amazing holiday package will be dedicated to the discovery of some fascinating places in magical Istanbul, the city of wonders, located on two continents, at the meeting place of two seas and countless roads coming from near and far. Istanbul has seen a lot during its long history, passing from one rule to the next, from one civilization or religion to another. Besides all these tumultuous times, these civilizations have left behind one of the richest and most diverse cultural heritages in the world.

    The day will begin at about 8:30 when you will be picked up from your hotel and we will start our journey through the sights of Istanbul. First, you shall visit the magnificent Topkapi Palace, the last residence of the Ottoman Sultans, now a lavish museum showing exquisite items from those magical times. If you want to visit the Harem part of the Palace, you can do so. The visit continues with the charming Blue Mosque, with its particular decorative blue and green tiles that make it one of the most beautiful mosques in the city and the country. Next, the tour will go on with the Roman Hippodrome, one of the oldest sights in the city, transformed from an ancient circus into a modern day charming square.

    After you have a delicious Turkish lunch, the tour of Istanbul will continue to St. Sophia Museum, one of the most beautiful architectural sights of the city, a former mosque, and church, now transformed into a very interesting and insightful museum. The Basilica Cistern, also known as the Underground Water Palace will be our next stop, representing an ancient underground water reservoir, with beautiful columns. The Turkey holiday package will continue with the visit of the Milion Stone, an ancient place of significance in the Byzantine Empire, marking the start of all distances. The Tomb of Sultan Mahmud will be a very impressive monument, located in a beautiful mausoleum, surrounded by a small Ottoman cemetery. Next, we will also visit the Burnt Column or Column of Constantine (Cemberlitas). Built on the order of Constantine the Great, it marked the commemoration of the declaration of Byzantium as the capital of the Roman Empire.

    The Istanbul city tour of the day will end at about 16:30, when you will have free time to explore the Grand Bazaar, one of the busiest and liveliest parts of the city. Here, you will have the chance to buy anything you could dream of, or, you could just admire the endless variety of merchandise. The guide will give you directions on how to get back to your hotel on your own after your visit to the bazaar. Remember that some landmarks have special days when they will be closed, like the Hagia Sophia on Monday, Topkapi Palace on Tuesday and the Grand Bazaar on Sunday.

    You will have an amazing Bosphorus cruise with our the best Istanbul tour package.DAY 3 – Golden Horn & Bosphorus Cruise

    On the third day of your holiday in Turkey, you will continue to see and feel the endless charm of Istanbul, continuing with other impressive sights and attractions. You will be picked up from your hotel at about 8:30 and will begin to explore the Golden Horn, a famous and important crossroad in ancient times. The first tour of the day will be made to the Yedikule Dungeons and the City Walls. These dungeons situated inside the city walls were used as prison and torture chambers during the Ottoman Empire, many princes and diplomats being held here through the years. Continuing along the old walls, we will visit the Chora Church, the oldest example of Byzantine architecture still standing within Istanbul, now turned into a museum presenting beautiful mosaics and frescoes. We will then drive to one of the most beautiful spots in the city, from where an amazing panorama of the Golden Horn can be seen, the Pierre Loti Hill. The next sight will be Fener Orthodox Patriarchate, located inside the St. George Church, the highest religious entity for the Orthodox population of the world.

    After a tasty lunch in a traditional Turkish restaurant, we will continue our Turkey vacation package with the Rustem Pasha Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in the city, with some of the most exquisite and intricate mosaic and floral designs and decorations on the interior. Next, we will pass through the Spice Market, or Egyptian Bazaar, as it was named, with a colorful and noisy atmosphere. Next, you will embark on a wonderful cruise on the Bosporus, admiring the city from a new and exciting angle. The cruise will show you the impressive shores of the Bosporus, with unforgettable sights, including wonderful palaces, fortresses, and residences. As a side note, the Chora Church is closed on Wednesday and cannot be visited on that day. In the evening, you will depart towards our next destination in amazing Turkey. The shuttle departs from our offices at about 18:30, while the bus will depart at about 20:00, taking you to the exciting Cappadocia after an 11 hours trip.

    With our three days Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul, you will have amazing two Cappadocia Tours and hot air balloon tour. You are going to visit every important sights of Cappadocia with the Cappadocia Tours and you will able to see everywhere from the top while you are join the hot air balloon flight. Book this Cappadocia Trip with the best price and service guarantee.DAY 4 – First Day in Cappadocia

    The magical Cappadocia awaits you, with all its idyllic and unusual landscapes, with its ancient sites and charming nature. Upon arriving at the bus station in Cappadocia, you will be transferred to your hotel for refreshment. The Cappadocia tour of the area starts at about 9:30 in the morning, when we will pick you up from your hotel and drive to Devrent Valley, known as the Imagination Valley, with one of the most impressive and unbelievable landscapes, the unusual rock formations forming an almost otherworldly picture. These formations have their own names and legends, being formed millions of years ago. From here, we will head over to Pasabagi, where you will have a unique chance to admire and walk among the famous fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, amazing rock pillars and formations that reach for the sky.

    From the fairy chimneys, we will drive to the villages of Avanos, famous for its pottery, where you will have a traditional lunch. After lunch, we will continue this amazing trip towards the Goreme Open-Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best landmarks of Cappadocia. The complex with monasteries and churches, some of them extremely old and well preserved, built inside caves cut in the rock formation. The sight is unforgettable and will surely be one of the highlights of your Turkey holiday. We will then drive to the Uchisar Castle, a vantage point in the region, on top of a rock pierced with caves and stairs. The panoramic view over the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia is worth everything. You will return to your hotel in Cappadocia at about 17:30.

    With our Cappadocia Tours, you will have a chance to see miracle of nature in Cappadocia. You can make an amazing trip to Cappadocia with our Cappadocia Tours. And also, you have a package tour option. If you have short time to making trip to the Cappadocia, you should go there for a day.DAY 5 – Second Day in Cappadocia

    Your second-day tour in Cappadocia will start at about 9:30, when you will be picked up from your hotel and we will drive to the Rose Valley, for a refreshing 4 km hike among some of the most charming sights in the area. This unique landscape of Cappadocia will provide infinite opportunities to be amazed, with rock churches, fairy chimneys, and orchards. Next, we will visit the magnificent village of Cavusin, where an entire village was constructed on a rock, including churches and a monastery. Today, the village is in ruins, but the site is truly inspiring. We will stop for lunch in another magnificent place, the Pigeons Valley, where thousands of pigeons have made their home among caves and rock formations.

    After lunch, we will visit the Kaymakli Underground City, a marvel of construction and ancient engineering, where an entire village was built beneath the real city, with hundreds of tunnels connecting dwellings, storage rooms, and even an underground church. This unique landmark will surely be an unforgettable experience for anyone. Next, we will visit the Ortahisar Natural Rock Castle, from where you will have a magnificent view over the neighboring area. The day will conclude with the trip back to your hotel in Cappadocia.

    #NOTE: You can join the hot air balloon activity for an extra charge.

    DAY 6 – Free Day in Cappadocia

    Needing a rest from all these tours and visits with beautiful and unbelievable sights, unique landscapes and ancient landmarks, you will have a free day in Cappadocia that you can spend however you like. You could continue to discover the rest of the beautiful and magical valleys filled with rock formations and cave settlements, the other awesome rock castles or the pleasant orchards and vineyards. Alternatively, you could just rest and relax, regaining your strength after all these tours and discoveries, preparing for other marvelous places that we are about to see. In the evening, we will leave for Olympos at about 20:00 for an overnight journey.

    DAY 7 – Free Day in Olympos

    We will arrive by bus in Olympos at about 9:00 in the morning. Reaching our destination, you will again have a free day at your disposal, deciding what you would like to do in this time, visiting the ancient site of Olympos or spending a wonderful day at the beach. Olympos was one of the most magnificent and rich settlements in ancient times on the coastline of Antalya, a place full of legends and myths. Your accommodation in Olympos will be made in charming tree houses and bungalows, making it a completely unexpected experience.

    In our blue cruise from Fethiye to Olympos, we visit so many bays. So, you will see amazing waters in the Mediterranean Sea.DAY 8 – Blue Cruise on Mediterranean

    The second half of our journey throughout Turkey will give you the unique chance to see and feel another part of this amazing country. The tour will take to the beautiful and blue Mediterranean, for a cruise that will take you through the most beautiful and magical places along the southern coast of the country. The first half of the day will begin at about 10:00 – 10:30, when the bus will pick you up from your tree houses in Olympos and transfer you to the ancient site of Myra, where you will have the opportunity to visit and admire some amazing sights. The Myra antique city has some amazing attractions, like the Lycian tombs cut in the rock, the Roman theater and the church of Saint Nicholas, one of the most prominent saints in the Orthodox religion.

    Leaving the land, we will embark on the boat at the harbor of Demre between 1 and 2 PM, leaving for the blue Mediterranean Sea and its incredible treasures. If the sea conditions allow us, we will visit the Pirates Cave, where a famous pirate held its treasure and the bodies of its enemies, discovered several years ago. Next, we will visit the Sunken City of Kekova, where a Lycian-Roman archaeological site can only be admired from the boat, as it is protected. On the shore, we can also admire the traditional Turkish fishing village of Simena. The village has no car access and features a well-preserved castle built by the Knights of Rhodes. For the evening, we will sail to the nearby Gokkaya Bay, a perfect place to try out some active water sports for the courageous. You will have dinner and can either relax in this former pirate haven or you can party at the notorious Smugglers Inn. In this fantastic day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served on deck and you will sleep on board.

    You can explore so many amazing places with our blue cruise from Fethiye to Olympos tours.DAY 9 – Blue Cruise on Mediterranean

    After you have breakfast on the deck of the boat, we will sail towards Kas, a charming and somewhat hidden town on the coast of Antalya. Here, you will have the chance to swim in the nice and quiet bay in front of the pleasant little town. Next, we will head to town, no other than the famous ancient site of Antiphellos. From the ancient settlement, only the rock tombs and the Roman theater remain, but it is enough to see and imagine the true splendor of this place in ancient times. The traditional small streets hold a particular charm and you will have the chance to take a charming stroll. Continuing our journey, near Kalkan, we will stop in Aquarium of Firnaz Bay, where you can take a swim in the azure waters of the Mediterranean. All meals will be served on the deck of the ship and you will sleep on board.

    You can take amazing photos wile you are enjoying your friends. It is possible when you book a blue cruise tour.DAY 10 – Blue Cruise on Mediterranean

    Our third day on the blue cruise will start right around sunrise, when we depart for the Butterfly Valley, one of the most amazing places on the Mediterranean Coast, with over 130 types of butterflies and moths, some of them unique to this spot. If the sea conditions allow, we will stop here and, after we have breakfast, you will have time so take a swim in this heavenly place, as well as visiting the nature reserve to admire the beautiful butterflies. Depending on sea conditions, we will continue our visit with the Oludeniz, or Blue Lagoon, one of the most romantic and secluded beach resorts on the Turkish coast. Here, you can try paragliding and a wide array of other water sports, or you can just relax on the white beach. The last stop of the day will be on the St. Nicholas Island (Gemiler Island), with many Byzantine ruins, including several old churches and other structures. It is believed that the tomb of St. Nicholas was initially located on the island. In this last day on the sea, you will have all meals on the deck and spend the third night on board the ship.

    Fethiye / Mugla / TurkeyDAY 11 – Fethiye and Blue Lagoon

    Continuing this incredible tour of the Turkish beauties, we will depart for Semanlik Bay in the morning, where you can relax for a few hours and swim in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. This is one of the most charming and quiet bays that surround the town and resort of Fethiye. After lunch, we leave for the Fethiye Harbour, where we arrive between 3 and 4 PM. You will then have some free time to discover the charming Fethiye, with its pleasant promenade and restaurants by the beach. You can admire the small fishing boats and the elegant luxury yachts that come and go from the small port or you can spend the time shopping. Breakfast and lunch will be taken on the deck of the boat, while accommodation will be in Fethiye.

    If you want to make a medical and nature trip, our Pamukkale Tours will make you to do it! With calcium terraces, you will find the medical care what you need. You can make Pamukkale trip from Istanbul anytime!DAY 12 – Depart to Pamukkale

    With the end of this amazing tour near, after breakfast, we depart to Pamukkale by bus, journey that will take about 4 hours. You will be met at Pamukkale and transferred to your hotel. You will have a free day in this charming destination with time to discover the other sights or just have a day of pure relaxation. This amazing destination is one of the most treasured places of the world, where the unbelievable white terraces of Pamukkale meet the impressive ancient ruins of Hierapolis. The entire complex has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Turkey.

    Cappadocia Ephesus Pamukkale ToursDAY 13 – Pamukkale Travertine and Hierapolis Ancient City

    This  Pamukkale tour will surely take you back in time, a time when Hierapolis was a lively and magnificent wellness resort of the ancient times, with temples and baths. You will be picked up from your hotel at about 9:30 in the morning and we will head over to the ancient site of Pamukkale and Hierapolis to being our amazing visit. We will start our adventure at the North Gate of Hierapolis, visiting the most famous structure still standing from the ancient city. The Necropolis of Hierapolis was one of the biggest in ancient times in the whole of Anatolia, with over 1200 graves. We will also visit and admire the Roman Bath, Gate of Domitian, Main Street and Byzantine Gate, all of them still bearing the true glory of past times.

    From these amazing ruins, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the pure white travertine terraces that today form Pamukkale (Cotton Castle). The hot waters, rich in calcium, lose carbon dioxide when it reaches the surface and created these amazing deposits of limestone during the ages. The effect is spectacular and unforgettable, with hot spring waters slowly flowing down from one white terrace to the one underneath, forming an almost still waterfall. These natural phenomena influenced the development of ancient Hierapolis and now form an amazing complex.

    After an open buffet lunch with delicious fresh Turkish recipes, you will have the opportunity to relax in the thermal pools inside the hotel. Another amazing option would be to swim in the Ancient Pool, called Cleopatra Pool, for an extra entrance fee. This is one of the best experiences you could have here, having the unique chance to swim among and above ancient marble fragments and columns. These columns used to adorn the pool, surrounding it in ancient times, but were broken down by earthquakes and drown into the pool, where they still lie today. After this amazing day tour, you will be transferred to the bus station, where you will take the bus to Ephesus, for a 3-hours journey. You will be met and transferred to your hotel in Ephesus.

    Ephesus and Pamukkale Tours | Turkey ToursDAY 14 – Ephesus Ancient City and Virgin Mary House

    Reaching the last day of your tour through Turkey, you will be picked up from your hotel after breakfast, at about 9:30, for the tour of the ancient city of Ephesus. One of the most famous cities in ancient times, this used to be a commercial, religious and social center for the whole region. Today, it is one of the destinations that no tourist should miss while visiting Turkey. It is one of the best preserved ancient cities and you will have time to explore every street, temple, and structure on the site. After lunch, we will visit one of the Wonders of Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis (Diana). Today, only the foundations of the temple still stand, but in the Hellenistic Period, this was one of the most beautiful things one could see, made entirely of marble and with many statues and columns.

    Following the temple, we will continue the journey with the House of Virgin Mary, where she is believed to have lived her last years. The house itself is a typical Roman building, made entirely of stone. The lush and green site also has a church, the tomb, and a healing water source. One of the most impressive and oldest mosques in Turkey is the Isabey Mosque, with beautiful architecture and decorations. You will return to the hotel at about 17:30. Then, you will be transferred to the bus stations, in order to catch the bus that will take you to Istanbul. The trip starts at 21:00 and will take all night.

    DAY 15 – End of the Turkey Holiday Package

    The bus will arrive in Istanbul in the morning at the Esenler Bus Station. From here, you can either use the free shuttle to get to Sultanahmet Square in the center of the city, or the public transportation to get to Ataturk Airport. Closing this wonderful and insightful tour of Turkey, you can remember all the beautiful and interesting you have seen and done in these busy two weeks, across and around the best sights and landscapes of Turkey.

    Inclusions of the Turkey Tour

    • Complementary Hotel pickup & drop-off
    • Round trip flight tickets
    • 14 nights accommodation in 3 stars hotels with daily breakfast.
    • Entrance fees to the museums during guided tours
    • Professional guiding services
    • All meals mentioned in the itinerary
    • Transportation with A/C
    • All Local taxes
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