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Christianity and the Byzantine Empire

CHRISTIANITY AND THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE (AD 36-1000) In AD 36, St. Paul the Apostle traveled through Asia Minor, spreading Christianity and establishing the seven Churches of Revelation. From Antioch, through Cappadocia, and into Greece, he converted Gentiles while raising the ire of local Jews and pagans. Persecution only lessened in 251, with the third century,

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History of Turkey ; Alexander the Great and the Pax Romana

ALEXANDER THE GREAT AND THE PAX ROMANA Persian hegemony over Asia Minor lasted until 333 BC, when their army was routed by Alexander the Great at İskenderun It was during this campaign that Alexander chose to slice rather than untie the mythical Gordion knot, thereby making himself the master of Asia (Gordion). Alexander’s conquests disseminated

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History of Turkey

ANCIENT ASIA MINOR (7000 BC-AD 36)  FROM HITTITES TO HELLENES  The beginning of the Neolithic Era in 7000 BC heralded the development of settlements and agriculture. Though the oldest evidence of settlements in Turkey is at Hacilar, 25km southeast of Burdur, the most impressive is Qatalhoyiik on the Konya Plain, where early settlers traded razor

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Life and Time in Turkey Chapter 2

Read the first chapter first: Life and Time in Turkey FLORA & FAUNA Along the Mediterranean and Aegean shores, scattered forests alternate with low herbaceous growth. Once covered in dense forest, Central Anatolia has been logged for centuries and now has abundant grasslands and grain fields. The Black Seashore has thick humid deciduous forests and

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Life and Time in Turkey

LAND GEOGRAPHY Turkey straddles two continents. In geographical terms, only 3 percent of the country Turkish Thrace is European. The vast majority of Turkey, known as Anatolia, lies in Asia between the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Turkey is a relatively big country: it’s some 1700km between the Bulgarian and Armenian borders, for instance, and about 1000km

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Travel to Turkey Chapter 4

SUGGESTED STINEİARBES “Bedroom of the Mediterranean.” Further up the coast awaits the sparkling Aegean Coast, housing the sun-bleached ruins of some of the ancient world’s most powerful cities: Bergama Foça, and Ephesus. THE BEST OF TURKEY (3 WEEKS) Begin in İstanbul, the traditional gateway to Turkey. Bargain for baubles, bangles, and beads at the Grand

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Travel to Turkey Chapter 3

 RUNNING WITH THE PACK Backpackers have taken over Istanbul’s most historic neighborhood, Sultanahmet. Hip international types trade war stories in the shade of Hagia Sophia before moving on down the coast. The (well)beaten track leads to: Kuşadası, with a detour to the Greek island of Samos; Bodrum’s discos , with a jaunt to Greek Kos,

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Travel to Turkey Chapter 2

DOWN BY THE SEA Bordered on three sides by sea, Turkey offers up every imaginable flavor of coast¬line. Rumor has it that Marc Antony imported Akyaka’s powder-white silica as a gift to Cleopatra on their honeymoon. Alagadl Beach, on Northern Cyprus, and Patara are two of the last preserves of the endangered logger¬head turtles. Munch