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Districts of Istanbul

Beyoglu Among the historical districts of Istanbul, Beyoglu has a special place, being the second area of the city to be populated after the old peninsula between the Golden Horn and the Marmara Sea. Beyoglu is located on the European side of the city, over the Golden Horn from the city center of Fatih. Mostly

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New Year Party in Istanbul – Dinner Cruise on Bosphorus

Cruise has become the most popular form of seeing the world. People want to travel around the country and get to know different cultures with many sightseeing tours. The finest and most magnificent traditions, desserts, drinks, and refreshments await you. Istanbul is also one of the most beautiful centers offering cruise facilities. Istanbul, which hosts

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Things to Do in Istanbul (Alternatives)

Searching for things to do in Istanbul? The city offers an endless variety of entertainment. From activities perfect for relaxing to exciting events and informative exhibits, there’s something for every taste. Museums Fans of art, history, and culture have no shortage of things to do in Istanbul. Many new museums open this year as part

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Must See Attractions in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya Camii) Hagia Sophia is a notable religious place of interest in Istanbul. It was constructed during the 4th century and at the beginning, it was used as an Orthodox patriarchal church and later it was converted into a mosque. In the Middle Ages, the Hagia Sophia played a significant role in the

Şile Beach

Best Beaches in Istanbul

Thinking about Istanbul, most people will recall its tall minarets and beautiful old palaces, its ancient relics and bustling bazaars, but few know that you can have a perfect beach escapade right in the city proper or close to its center. Not only this, but you can discover several seas while visiting Istanbul, from the

Topkapi Palace Museum / Sultanahmet / Istanbul / Turkey

The Best 5 Museums in Istanbul

List of the Great Museums in Istanbul City Thanks to the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and Golden Horn, to name just a few of its attractions, walking around the vibrant city of Istanbul is an education in itself. Since its foundation in approximately 660 BC, Turkey’s sprawling capital city has been home to four transcontinental