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Best Beaches in Istanbul

Thinking about Istanbul, most people will recall its tall minarets and beautiful old palaces, its ancient relics and bustling bazaars, but few know that you can have a perfect beach escapade right in the city proper or close to its center. Not only this, but you can discover several seas while visiting Istanbul, from the northern Black Sea to the southern Marmara Sea. The beaches in or around Istanbul are great for short day trips for swimming or sunbathing, as well as some water sports. While they are not as luxurious or large as the famous Turkish summer resorts and the water quality is not as good, these are great destinations if you feel like cooling off after several days of experiencing the magic of Istanbul.

The most Beautiful Beaches Of Istanbul

We suggest dedicating a whole day to your beach trip, as you will most likely spend some time going there and coming back if your hotel is in the city center. Also, you have plenty of things to do while you are on the Istanbul beaches, with nice restaurants, water activities and beautiful views that always lie before your eyes. Here are the best beaches in and around Istanbul that you can easily visit:

True Blue BeachTrue Blue Beach

The True Blue Beach is located close to the city center, in the Fenerbahce district of Istanbul. Situated at Kalamiş, close to the entrance of the Fener park, this small beach has a beautiful pool, hosting live concerts and performances during the summer. The True Blue is a beach club and thus the beach is private, with an entrance fee, but is worth the cost to relax in this pleasant atmosphere.

Kilyos Beaches

The resort area of Kilyos is located close to Istanbul and is easily reachable by car, bus, minibus, and ferry. Kilyos is about 35 km away from central Istanbul, on the European Black Sea Coast and the road there passes through the charming Belgrade Forest. There are several beaches in the area, some sandy and some rocky, as well as small charming coves that can be discovered.

Kilyos Beach / IstanbulBurc Beach

One of the most popular and best-equipped beach clubs in Kilyos is the Burc Beach Club, with an expansive beach, plenty of water sports activities, as well as other facilities, including live events. The beach belongs to an alumni association of one university in Istanbul, but there is an entry fee and anyone can visit it. There are bars and other features to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Solar Beach

Solar Beach is part of the Solar Beach Club, located in Kilyos, spread over 30,000 sq.m. The beach is about 1 km long and it is one of the most popular and well-equipped beaches in or around Istanbul. It features a variety of activities and things to do, like playing beach volleyball and soccer, rent jet skis or windsurfs equipment and many others. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars available. There is an entrance fee.

Dalia Beach

Another popular beach in Kilyos is the Dalia Beach Club, located on a small inlet close to Solar Beach. There is also a small traditional restaurant, a cafe and plenty of opportunities for trekking and other activities in the nearby idyllic landscape. As for other beach clubs, there is an entry fee, but the cost is pretty low for the entertaining and relaxing features found here.

Golden Beach

One of the most attractive beach clubs of Istanbul, the Golden Beach is located on the European Black Sea coast, in Rumeli Feneri, about 15 km away from Istanbul. This perfect beach destination has everything you might wish for, with a restaurant, bar, cafe, bungalows, a boutique hotel, a charming lake and many other facilities, all culminating with the sandy beach.

Şile BeachŞile and Agva Beaches

Şile is a popular beach resort located about 70 km from the city of Istanbul, along with the Asian coast of the Black Sea. There are some good beaches along the coastline of the Şile district, with facilities and opportunities to try some water activities. The Black Sea has some strong currents and it can be dangerous to swim at times, so pay attention to the weather. There are plenty of buses in the summertime that can take you to these destinations. If you want to join the Şile and Agva tour, please feel free to contact us.

Riva Beach

Riva is a small village located in the Beykoz District, about 40 km away from Istanbul, on the Anatolian Black Sea coast. Riva is close to Şile and the Anatolian Lighthouse. It is famous for the pleasant sandy beaches, as well as for other attractions and a beautiful landscape. The small stream and remains of the Riva Castle overlooking the beach are also worth the visit.

Prince's Island Beach (Big Island)Prince’s Islands Beaches

These excellent day trips from Istanbul have some tiny, but idyllic small beaches along their shores. The Prince’s Islands are mostly known for their cultural heritage and excellent views to Istanbul, but they also have some beaches that are worth a visit. There are plenty of ferries that can take you to the Prince’s Islands, but beware that there are no motor vehicles on the islands and the prices are higher than the city. You can join our Prince’s Island tours.

Poyrazkoy Beach

The small village of Poyrazkoy is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus straight, close to the Black Sea Coast. It has a small, but the charming beach, with several restaurants and cafes that offer the basic services. The village can be easily reached from Istanbul and it is located on a hilltop, with a short walk to the beach. It also has a protected cove where many yachts and boats choose to dock in the summertime.

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