Goreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum

The Goreme Open-Air Museum takes after a limitless ascetic complex made out of scores of refectory cloisters put side-by-side, each with its own phenomenal church. It is clearly the first sight to be gone by any Voyager in Cappadocia, remaining as it does in the exceptionally middle of the locale with simple access from all bearings. It is just 15 minutes walk (1.6km, around 1 mile) from Goreme town focus.

It contains the finest of the rock-cut chapels, with excellent frescoes (divider artistic creations) whose hues still hold all their unique freshness. It likewise displays remarkable cases of rock slashed structural planning and fresco method. The Goreme Open Air Museum has been an individual from UNESCO World Heritage List subsequent to 1984 and was one of the initial two UNESCO destinations in Turkey.


The 6-7 story rock mass to one side of the gallery passage is known as the Nunnery. The eating lobby, kitchen and a few rooms on the first carpet, together with the destroyed church on the second level, can, in any case, be gone by. The congregation on the third story, which can become to through a passage, has a cruciform arrangement, an arch with four segments and three apses. The templon on the fundamental apse is once in a while found in Goreme places of worship. Other than the fresco of Jesus, painted straightforwardly onto the stone, outlines painted in red can likewise be seen. The diverse levels of the cloister are joined by passages, and grindstone entryways, for example, those found in the underground urban areas, and were utilized to close off these passages in times of threat.

Artistic creations from St. Barbara ChurchSt. Barbara Church

This congregation is arranged behind the stone lodging Elmali (Apple) Church. It has a cruciform arrangement, with two sections. The north, south and west arms of the cruciform are barrel vaulted, and the middle, the east arm, and the east corners are doomed. There are a principle, focal apse, and two side apses. Themes were painted in red specifically onto the stone. The dividers and the vault are enlivened in a mixture of themes including geometrical examples, legendary creatures, and military images. The dividers additionally have themes taking after stonework. This congregation goes back to the second 50% of the eleventh century.

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A special fresco from Apple Church Apple (Elmali) Church

A standout amongst the most conspicuous structures in the region with its distinctive hues, the congregation is a crotch vaulted structure with the cross-in-square arrangement, having four segments and a focal arch. It has delightful frescoes dating to the eleventh and twelfth hundreds of years. Also, where these have tumbled off, you can see straightforward red-painted trimmings from the heathen period. The frescoes are describing scenes from the Bible and the life of Christ, the Hospitality of Abraham and Three Hebrew Youths. The building gets its name from the apple plantation caved in quite a while back, before the primary passage.

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Snake Church Snake (Yilanli) Church

This congregation has a direct arrangement, comprising of two chambers. The front area is barrel-vaulted, while the back one has a level roof. The red ochre decorations copy cut stone plate. Frescoes dated to the eleventh century, are painted specifically on the divider. Inverse the passage, there is a picture of Christ with a book in his grasp, and at his left, on both sides of an extensive cross, are Emperor Constantine and Helena. Right beside it, the Killing of the Snake by St. George and St. Theodore is delineated. On the inverse divider, Omophorion can be seen with a sapling before him, additionally the Apostle Thomas, and the author of the building, St. Basileios holding a book in one hand and purifying with the other.

Fresco from Dark Church Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise)

The passage to this congregation is from the north through a slowing down which opens into a barrel-vaulted narthex. You need to pay an additional affirmation charge (8 TL every individual) except it is unquestionably justified, despite all the trouble. In the south of the narthex, there are three graves, two of which are enormous and the other, little. The congregation has a cross arrangement, the arms of the cross having an askew vault. The templon of the primary apse has been annihilated. This Church dates to the end of the twelfth century. A portion of the scenes on the dividers are Deesis, Annunciation, Journey to Bethlehem, Nativity, Baptism, Raising of Lazarus, Transfiguration, Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Betrayal of Judas, the Crucifixion, and Anastasis.

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Carikli (Sandals) Church

This two sectioned church (two different sections being as columns), is cross-vaulted and has three apses and four vaults. The recently safeguarded frescoes demonstrate the life of Jesus, Hospitality of Abraham, and pictures of the holy people and the contributors of the congregation. In spite of the fact that it takes after both the Karanlik (Dark) and Elmali (Apple) Churches, the scenes of the Way of the Cross and the Descent from the Cross make this congregation not quite the same as the others. The figures are for the most part extensive. The foot shaped impressions under the Ascension scene give the congregation its name, which signifies with a shoe. The congregation goes back to the end of the twelfth and the start of the thirteenth hundreds of years. The core vault houses a photo of Jesus the Pantocrator with the busts of holy messengers in the insets. On the focal apse is Deesis, on the north apse Mary and the Baby Jesus, and on the south apse, a photo of St Michael.

Clasp (Tokali) Church

Despite the fact that Tokali church is situated in the historical center around 50 meters, you can visit the congregation with the same ticket that you utilized for Goreme Open Air Museum. It is a complex made up of 4 primary chambers. The passageway to the New Church having a rectangular arrangement with longitudinal pivot is made through the barrel-vaulted single-naved Old Church. This stone settlement is separated with curves into three segments. Containing the most vital specimens of works of art, the building has been improved in different periods.

Tokali (Buckle) Church In the Old Church area, frescoes dated to mid-tenth century, painted in groups of rich red and green, speak to scenes from the Bible. The indigo commanding the primary chamber frescoes in the New Church is a highlight recognizing the structure from the others. Among the stone places of worship in Cappadocia, Tokali has the best works of art portraying the life of Christ in the most detail. The congregation is embellished with the Infancy (youth of Christ), Ministry and Passion cycles, with a few scenes from the life of St. Basileios.

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