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Daily Marmaris Boat Trips – Traveler Diary

Marmaris Boat Trip

Every once in awhile, we at Premium Travel like to spend some time on activities that we feel are quite important for the morale of human kind! 🙂 We spend long hours at the computers during the week and every now and then pull away to see what this place called Marmaris is all About!

It was an excellent day for an excursion. Which one should we go on? we thought. After all, they are all good fun!

Every daily trip has its own excitement and a different level of adrenaline or pleasure. If you’re in the mood for a mixture of beautiful scenery, relaxation, heart stomping fun, yet a friendly and social-sharing environment, in which case we were, then a fantastic daily boat tour is just what the tour doctor ordered I’d say! So our decision was made and away we went.

We spend our time amazing on the Marmaris boat trip.

You can book this Marmaris daily boat trip on the our website.We showed up at the Premium Travel Agency where we were picked up by the transfer service that took us to our boat nearby Old Town Marmaris. It was around 10 am, and time to board our boat. Everyone began choosing where to park themselves for the trip.

You can have an amazing cruise in Marmaris with this tour.There was an awesome medley of visitors. Among us, we had two lovely girls from Lithuania, a group of 4 university students from England they were adorable (Lucy, Rachael, Nema, and Stewart)! We also had with us a mother with her son and son’s girlfriend from Holland. They were wonderful people.  The largest group of us was from Belgium. I’d say about 10. They had come with their friend, Fetih (Turkish but born and raised in Belgium, and fluent in 3 languages), who had organized the whole holiday for them.  They too were students and all out for a great time.  You will see from the photos taken that not only did they but also the rest of us really did have a fantastic time!  All in all, it hasn’t crowded and just the right size for an enjoyable social environment on a clear blue, hot and sunny Marmaris day!

You will see the Phosphorous Cave in Marmaris when you join us on the boat trip.

Phosphorous Cave Marmaris/ Turkey

Moving along, we slowly made our way away from the Marmaris harbor and on to our first stop. Kizilkum (red sand), past Turunc village, was a tiny little bay tucked away from the main route. We stopped for a brief swim as it was starting to getting hotter. There were other boats on daily tours around us and everyone was enjoying the coolness of the blue waters, jumping off the rear plank one by one! It was awesome! Felt like a kid again!

After about a half an hour, we set off to our next stop, the Phosphorous Cave. It was a brief stop. We pulled up and waited while the other boats on tour were going in the cave. It was now our turn. As we approached the cave I was curious to know what we would see. Well, I’ll be honest. It was just another cave. It would have been nice to go swimming in it I think. But unfortunately, we didn’t. Like the other boats, we pulled in and stopped long enough to take a few photos, and then continued on with our trip.

You will see the popular Ciftlik Bay on the boat tour.

Ciftlik Bay | Marmaris Turkey

From our group, Rachael and Nema put on a lovely photo shoot for us and we participated. What a great concept it was. Both of them were quite photogenic. I believe it was a reenactment from the movie Titanic!

About a half an hour later we arrived at the popular Ciftlik Bay and were to stay there for 3 hours. There we all went for a dip or actually more like a jump or two in the sea off the rear plank, while the captain and crew prepared our lunch. Lunch was nice and not too heavy. Suitable for a hot summers day.

We stayed at Ciftlik Bay for three hours. It was a lovely bay. Wide open and quiet. You could see some farm animals on the beach. I think they were a few cows and their young, and a donkey. Interesting to see farm animals on the beach 🙂 Other tour boats dropped anchor as well. After lunch, some of us took in some sun, continued to swim and jump in the cooling waters of the sea while others dropped pieces of bread for the fish to have their lunch too! Feeding the fish must be the thing to do on these boat trips. I’m sure the fish expect it!


We continued to take photos of the region. During this time, the ice cream man showed up, the jet ski guy, Erol showed up, and of course, the banana boat guys came over to our boat to see if anyone would be interested in some fun. We being from Premium Travel, we were offered by Erol, a great ride on his jet ski! How fantastic! Why would anyone ever say no to an offer like that? So I jumped on and in such a small area, had, I must say the best time ever! His maneuvers were awesome, spinning and taking a bit of air, it was definitely an adrenalin rush! The best part of the whole ride was when I fell off actually flew off! And even better, it was caught on film legs up in the air, surprised, as I plunged into the sea. Erol asked if I was alright numerous times and I replied Am I ok? Yeah! I’m even better now! Let’s do it again! LOL. I highly recommend the jet ski ride, especially with our guy Erol!

If you want to see the Kizilkum Beach in Marmaris, you can join our boat trips in Marmaris with the best price and service guarantee.

Kizilkum Beach – Marmaris

Later we moved over to the dock at Ciftlik Bay where we could continue to enjoy our time. Of course, after the Erol Jet Ski show, our banana boat guys had to contribute to our fun as well. They came over. We went in two groups. First, it was our visitors Fetih and his friends from Belgium. They all got on one by one, trying not to fall before sitting on the blow-up banana! They toured in the bay for about 5 10 minutes. During this time the banana boat guys managed to drop them into the sea twice! Oh, we laughed! It was so funny to see them all plunging like dominoes into the water! Then our next, small, group of 3 took their turn! The banana boat guys tried and tried so hard with sharp turns to drop them also, but no way, after watching the first team go out and see how they fell in twice, this group wasn’t going to let that happen. So they toured and turned and yelled and screamed and finally the boat guys pulled up to the dock as I looked over at everyone and said We didn’t fall in and then the boat guys took off, turned sharp and all 3 of us fell into the water LOL! So much for boasting about how we didn’t fall in.

Don't look for a boat trip. You found it! We want you to spend your time amazing. Just book a Marmaris boat trip and enjoy it.

Our next and last stop after all that fun was an unknown bay, with calls of peacocks in the background and a large abandoned hotel. Apparently, the hotel had been sitting like that for 25 years. There we jumped in and went for a swim, sunbathed, and had good conversation, getting to know each other. It was great! We were all so very exhausted from all that excitement and activity so it was ideal to just socialize and joke around. 🙂

What a brilliant day it was! After about a half-hour stays, we slowly made our way back to Marmaris. I don’t think anyone had much energy left in them to do anything else but rest on the return. However, some of us continued to socialize and pass the time until we reached Marmaris. There were great memories shared and new friendships were made. This is a wonderful trip to go on and we highly recommend it! Our groups were all fantastic people and we do hope to see them again in Marmaris. Thank you to everyone for making this trip such a memorable one! By the way, you can join our Marmaris boat trip with the best price and service guarantee.

Oh Rachael and Fetih, sorry we couldn’t meet you at the beach club later on that night. We were so sun stroke and burnt so bad that we couldn’t move afterward, and simply passed out upon our return home. But we managed to go through all 1300 or so photos of the trip before we passed out LOL!

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