If you don't know hot to choose your hotel in Turkey, this article may help you to do it.

How to Choose a Hotel in Turkey?

So, you have decided to spend the holiday in Turkey.
The good hotel is one of the main components of successful rest. Therefore it is necessary to be in earnest about its choice very much. Today practically any travel agency can offer a considerable quantity of hotels of different categories in this country. Here some practical advice for those who does not wish to sadden rest by the compelled moving and dismantlings with an administration.

All hotels of Turkey have a certain category which is expressed in a number of stars (hotels of a category 3 *, 4 *, 5 *). Categories more low 3* in Turkey meet seldom enough.

Choosing a hotel, first of all, pay attention to the region. More often in agencies offer coast of Antalya (regions Antalya, Kemer, the White-coat seal, Side, and Alanya). When you arrive at the airport of Antalya, most close there will be hotels in the Antalya or small towns Lary surrounding it, Aksu and Kundu. The transfer to hotels of these regions will make approximately 10-20 minutes, it is convenient if you not so love long moving. Then there are hotels Kemer and Belek (the transfer to your hotel in these regions will make approximately 45-60 minutes). From the airport of destination Side and Alanya are considered as the most remote. The transfer to the hotel will occupy from you from an hour to ones and a half. At a transfer small buses on 20-30 the places, equipped with the conditioner and a minibar with soft drinks that creates additional comfort at distant moving are usually used. It is possible to order individual or the VIP-transfer.

At a hotel, the choice is better to make the start for a structure having a rest. A family with children, youth, aged people – at each of these groups will be the certain requirements.

Family rest with children

For a family, rest is better the club hotel (such where the most part of numbers is located in a bungalow) will approach. They are usually designated by badge HV1 and there correspond categories 5*. Such hotels are famous for good big territory and, as a rule, are located in a large forest or pine to a pine forest. In them, there are some mini clubs for children of various age. As a good example can serve “Marty Myra” HV1 in Kemer or “Sunrise Club Side ” in Side. Club hotels – the present expense for your child. Here there will be pools for children, the children’s menu, children’s stools at the basic restaurant that your offspring felt the high-grade visitor. Almost all club hotels are focused on family rest. At the same time in club hotels, there are numbers of categories superior and suite. We will notice that in club hotels good animators who will allow to miss neither to children nor adults. Some exception to the rules is “Ella Quality Resort”: it not club, however, is focused on families with children. All numbers of this hotel are equipped with additional accessories to children.

Hotels for youth

The youth is a category of tourists with especial requirements. Those can be the presence of a good disco on hotel territories, affinity to the city center (in this case it is necessary to pay attention to Antalya or Kemer where the largest discos), the big aquapark, the system “ultra all inclusive” are concentrated. At a choice of such rest, it is not necessary to give special attention to the distance from the sea or number area (as for rest with children). After all, it is good to have a rest for the youth company – means to have a rest cheerfully and all together! Emphasize quantity of the services given by the hotel. The presence of tennis courts is important, hire of bicycles, possibilities to be engaged in water kinds of sports, etc.

Hotels for quiet rest

In this section, we will note features of hotels for quiet rest. In addition, these hotels will be interesting to people of advanced age. For quiet rest, it is necessary to choose small hotels of known world networks, such as “Pegasos Beach” 4* in Kemer, “Papillon Muna” 4* in Side, “Papillon Belvill” HV1. They are in a greater degree focused on the European market and consequently, Germans or Englishmen who, unlike our compatriots, never rustle will be your neighbors most likely. Also, the presence of relax-pools will be the important criterion or is simply relax-zones where do not start up children. It is important also that the hotel was on the first line. In such hotels, it is accepted to name animation unostentatious.

Class rest deluxe

   If you prefer the highest degree of service and do not wish to change the habits, you should choose the White-coat seal. This region is famous for the smartest hotels, ready to execute any whim of the visitor. Hotels “Rixos Premium” 5 *, “Cornelia Resort” 5 *, “Calista Luxury Resort” 5 *, “Spice Hotel” 5* will be the vivid example. You will find faultless service and the huge SPA-centres In them with the well-known masters of messages. These hotels receive visitors of the highest level. It is necessary to notice that here numbers need to be ordered in advance, I would advise to reserve them for some months.
As Atahanova Elena Albertovna has told to correspondent FashionTravel (the assistant to the general director of tourist’s company “A-CLASS” working in a segment “deluxe”), you anywhere anymore will not find level hotels in the region of Mediterranean sea “lux”, comparable with Turkish. Only Turkey can brag of so developed infrastructure for a luxury audience. Plus it is necessary to mention and that distance from Turkey to Moscow only three hours. That fact is important also that for entrance (passage of Turkish customs) to Turkish visa is necessary.

Therefore practically all richest people of Russia have a rest in Turkey for which it already became an original summer residence for the weekend. The most “star” hotel in Turkey, according to company “A-CLASS”, is “Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 *” High Class, located in region Antalya, the White-coat seal.

All stars go there. Another alternative is not present. And first of all is concerns safety and privacy. It is a unique hotel in Turkey where there is a black list of tourists. I.e. if the tourist of conducted inadequately, broke calmness having a rest, next time not at any price it is more in this hotel will not get. Right after the unpleasant incident of such tourist will move, having returned it money for already paid rest. Probably, it not the best hotel in respect of luxury of numbers and the infrastructure, but in respect of public of competitors at “Xanadu Resort Hotel” is not present. And also if you are looking for a tour in Turkey, this Turkey tours page can help you to it, our we can make your own itinerary for your holiday in Turkey.

We will sum up:

Try to be defined in advance with terms of a trip and the budget that you chose hotel, instead of hotel you. Study characteristics offered you in travel agency of hotels (free and paid services, services for children, quality of a beach) in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on a place. And, at last, solve, for that you wait from rest and what type of hotel is necessary to you. So, you have learned how to choose your hotel in Turkey.

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